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10 Excel Tips And Tricks in 2020

In this article, I will cover up 10 excel types that you can easily use to increase productivity and make your work life less stressful. Make sure you have read the whole list so that you can find suggestions that are most useful to you. I’ll jump straight into the article. Make sure you bookmark this page so that you can come back here. If you forget the useful tips that I am sharing.

Excel Tips And Tricks

Use Status Bar

excel status bar tips
                                                           excel status bar tips

Whenever you uncover a range of numbers, the status bar at the bottom of Excel will feed you with some useful information. You Can get information about totals, averages and total calculations.

Many people know about the status bar, but did you know that you can right-click it to add more features? For example, you can cancel minimum and maximum values in a range.

Quick Navigation Shortcuts

Excel Quick Navigation Shortcuts
                                                          Excel Quick Navigation Shortcuts

If you need to navigate through the mirror, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl + End – Navigate to the correct cell of the data you entered.
Ctrl + home – Navigate to Start.
Ctrl + Right Arrow – Navigate to the largest right of the Excel sheet.
Ctrl + Left Arrow – Navigate to the leftmost side of the Excel sheet.
Ctrl + up Arrow – Navigate to the top of the top. Excel sheet.
Ctrl + down arrow – Go to the bottom of the Excel sheet.

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Sticky rows

Excel Sticky Rows
                             Excel Sticky Rows

If you wish, Excel would like a few rows to remain at the top of the sheet, scroll through it, select its row by clicking its letter on the left, then click View at the top. Next, the following options can be given by clicking on freeze panes:

Freeze Panels – Sticky All, based current view.
Top Row – Sticky only sticks to the top row.
Freeze First Column – Stick First Only. Column.

Quick Selection Formula

Excel Quick Selection Formula
                               Excel Quick Selection Formula

This tip can save a lot of time if you are entering formulas inconsistently. As you start typing a formula, you can use the top / down arrow keys to go through the suggested formulas and the tab key inadvertently select that formula. This method is often much faster than typing a formula every time.

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Autofill Of Information

Excel Auto Fill Information
                               Excel AutoFill Information

If you are filling a range of datasheets, you can also highlight that range, then drag down to autofill more cells with the information below. There are more than a way that you can make it more productive. For example, it can be used to automatically enter into consulates.

Excel is smart at guessing what information is to auto-filled. For example, if you have a column that shows up every day, it can follow that pattern with the AutoFill feature.

Create a Macro to Automate Task

Create a Macro to Automate Task
                  Create a Macro to Automate Task

If you do a task often in Excel, you can create a macro to automate the process. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Click on file.
  • Click on the option
  • Customize Ribbon
  • To activate Developer Box <, under the main tab.
    Click OK
excel developer options
                                                  excel developer options

Now, click on the tab.
After that, click Record Macro Button.
Now, name the macro and choose a shortcut for it.
You can also add a description to make things easier for you in the future.

Next, just do any task in the same way that you normally do on Excel.
Once you’re done, click Stop Recording.
Now you can use the shortcut that you have created to work immediately.

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Create a Beautiful Table in Seconds

Create Excel Table in Seconds
                                         Create Excel Table in Seconds

You can create a visually attractive table in seconds by following steps.

  • First, highlight that data in the table.
  • Insert tab
  • Go to the table
  • Click. The highlighted area will now have a border around it.
  • Click OK to create the table.
change table design
                                                   change table design

You can also use the table icons at the top to change colors, and use the checkbox under Design Layout to change up the layout.

excel create information
                                                               excel create information

When your cursor is hovering above the table, you can click on the small icon. This will open a small menu to create charts, tables, formatting rules, and more.

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Use to Go to Find Specific Cells

Use to Go to Find Specific Cells
                                                               Use to Go to Find Specific Cells

When your cursor is hovering above the table, you can click on the small icon. This will open a small menu to create charts, tables, formatting rules, and more.

Change The Enter Button Working Style

enter key controls excel
                                                   enter key controls excel

By default, pressing Enter will bring you down one cell, but there is a method to change how Excel works. To change this, go to File, then Options, then the advanced tab

Click on

From here, you can choose whether Enter key will take you up, down, right, or left. Alternatively, you can turn off the functionality altogether. This is useful if you want to enter an ASA simple way to confirm data and would prefer to navigate cells manually.

Copy the same data to multiple cells at once

copy multiple cells
copy multiple cells

You can copy the data of one cell to as many cells as you can as soon as you like. To do this, first press Ctrl + C on the cell you want to copy. Next, highlight the cells you want to copy, then press Ctrl + V.


Excel Tips And Tricks prove useful? If you have any questions about the suggestions included in this article, please connect with me on Twitter and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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