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Top 5 Best Free Video Editors 2020

At the first beginning stage of video editing, Using the best free video editors would be very good practice for you. If you are a beginner of video editing paying a high fee to buy video editors might not be a good idea.

Not only for beginners even any startup company’s that wants to promote their products or something through video content won’t like to pay for video editors. So if you are planning to create video content Or planning to start a Youtube channel, then this article is going to be very beneficial for you.

Today I am going to write about some best free video editors that will even put professional video editors in shame.


best free video editors - blender

When I am here to talk about free video editing software then how can I not talk about this piece of gem? Blender Video Editor is an open-source program available for Linux, Mac, and Windows completely for free. This program was actually designed as a 3D animation suite but this program also has everything in basic that you will need to edit a video. It let you do every basic action like cutting, Splicing and this program also has a video masking feature.

That is mean this program allowing to do you everything from basic video editing to advanced video editing.

This program has some more features like

  • Live preview, chroma vectorscope, luma waveform, and histogram displays.
  • Scrubbing, syncing, audio mixing, and waveform visualization.
  • Up to 32 slots for adding images, video, audio, and effects.
  • Adjustment layers, transitions, Speed control,  keyframes, filters, and more

Well, Blender was programmed in the focus of making 3D animations. So, if you like animating this program is really gonna help you up without paying a penny for it. That’s why I like Open-source. Hail, Open-source.

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best free video editors - openshot

Let me introduce you to one more open-source video editing software called Openshot. This program is also available for both Linux, Mac, And Windows operating systems. The best part of this program is you will feel extraordinary when you will see that you can do anything that other particular programs can do.

Editing video with this program is easier than any other program I mentioned in this article. I personally like the simple user-friendly interface it has. This program has all the supported features that a video editor should have including more advanced features like chroma key function and basic 3D animation.

So if you are looking for something that very quick to use and easy to use then there is Openshot for with. And one more thing this editor does not contain any watermark. So this could be one of the best free video editors without watermarks.


best free video editors -Lightworks

Do you want to know about one of the best free video editors that can race with a pro-level video editor? Go no further, coming in at number 3 is another software called Lightworks. It’s also available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. This Program has been used in many Hollywood movies like The Wolf of Wall Street, La Confidential and many more.

The most interesting fact about this program is it has a super active user base forum with support on anything from youtube to films. Whatever this program has also a pro version but what is it offer in the free version is enough for any video editors. The pro version of Lightworks will cost you $25 per month. But not worry the only difference between those versions is their output format. If you want to produce 4k videos then you gonna need to buy the pro version.

This video editor has all these following features in the free version:

  • A wide range of video formats supported.
  • Multicam support.
  • High precision video trimming.
  • Export to 720p for YouTube.

So with all these interesting features, this could be one of the best free video editors youtube.

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best free video editors for mac iMovie

If you ask, what is the best free video editors for mac? I will answer, The iMovie is. Well, this is not pretty ok that apple offering there something for free! whatever, this program is designed for macOS users with plenty easy to use interface. I personally like the simplicity it has.

It allows you to do all the basic things you need to do while editing a video. The most interesting feature it has, is it lets you produce 4k resolution videos and does not cost you extra. Are you looking for the best free video editors for iPhone? Then let me tell you one more thing is you can start editing on your iPhone and finish it on your mac.

Hitfilm Express

best free video editors - hitfilm express

Hitfilm Express is one most powerful free video editing software I mentioned in this article. It’s available for both windows and mac operating systems. It contains all the basic to advanced features you would expect in a video editing program. I would even like to say that Its the best free video editor software among all the programs I could not mention here. Well, there is also a pro version of it that will cost you around 299$ a year. But what they offer in their free version that would be enough for most of the user here. Let’s look out some of the features.

  • Advanced cutting tools
  • Keying for green screen effects
  • Audio and video filters
  • Compositing tools
  • Layers and masking

I personally think this program would be the one for you if you love doing Youtube vlogs.

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There are a lot of free video editors in the market. But can they really fulfill your needs? Today We have come up with the top 5 best free video editors.

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