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Top 5 Best Photoshop Alternatives 2020

Best Photoshop Alternatives Overview : If you’re a photographer or a graphic designer, Photoshop is one of the best powerful photo editors that you can use over time. It can be quite expensive even with Adobe’s most basic plan that will cost you around 120 dollars per year to use Photoshop. Thankfully there are free Photoshop Alternatives that many of the same features coming up. I’ll count down the five best Free Photoshop Alternatives, that will help you to create and edit your images like a pro. So let’s get started.

Photoscape X

Photoscape photo editor, is a great all in one ultimate featured pack. It could be one of the best photoshop alternatives with its all the great features. Some of the top features of Photoscape is a colour picker, collage maker, light leaks, and film effects. In this article, we will shortly review about Photoscape X and its features which makes it one of the best Photoshop alternatives.

Photoscape X Features

The Viewer: This viewer is nothing special than the other viewers. Like all other viewers tools, it does the same job. Its gives you a standard photo and thumbnail view.

The Editor: Editor is the most used tool in Photoscape, Where the maximum jobs are done. Here you can edit your photos and images with multiple featured tools. It has many of the basic tools like one-click auto levels and contrasts managements and advance colour curves. Its has many colours and tone adjustments tools and a bunch of funky frames that you can play with.

Within the editor, there are many more tools, where you can add texts,  1,000+ Filters & Effects, Frames, Objects, Brushes & Tools, Rotate, Straighten, Flip, Mask, Resize, Crop, Circular Crop, Perspective Crop.

Other Features

  • Combine: It can join multiple photos and images into a horizontal or vertical strip or grid.
  • Color Picker: you can sample a colour from anywhere on your screen.
  • Splitter: It cuts your photo into multiple images based on a grid.
  • AniGif: This creates frame-based animation from multiple photos.
  • Screen Capture: It Takes an image of your full desktop, a window, or a region of your screen.
  • Print: it can print picture package layouts or thumbnail contact sheets.
  • Raw Converter: a simple converter for saving camera RAW files as JPEGs.
  • Rename: you can edit batch file names with custom text, date, time and serial numbers.

This has many more tools are very related to photoshop. So with all these tools, I count it as one of the best photoshop alternatives for both mac and windows.


Paint.net could be a great Photoshop alternative for free if you are not a serious photo editor like me. I personally use it for simple and quick photo edit and manipulation. So,

What is paint.net?

The answer is quite simple and easy. Paint.net is a free and quick photo editor for the windows operating system. Paint.net was created as an alternative of the windows paint program but with a lot of extra features. All these extra features make it a real free Photoshop alternative. I personally like the simple user interface it has.


Photopea is now the best online photo editor that you can use as a Photoshop alternative online. It’s a web app so it’ll run in any major browser without the need to download and install any software. It supports almost any image file type, including Photoshop project files and RAW images from your camera. The Interface of Photopea looks almost the same as the adobe Photoshop.

Almost all of the powerful photo editors require a monthly fee and obviously at least a medium configured system. And there where the best part of Photopea is. You don’t have to pay any monthly fees and you don’t even need to install any software. With some pros and cons, it could be your best free Photoshop alternative online.

Pixlr X

Pixlr X  is a new free online photo editor For graphic design with the basic tools included to quickly edit your photos within your favorite web browser. It has all the needed basic editing tools included so many advances features that even some desktop app it will put into shame. Well, I am not actually saying that it’s tough to use, but it’s simple and clean with its icon-based features. online photo editor pixlr is a newborn online photo editor. So some tools of it are still in beta mode. But with simple features it has, It can be yours another Photoshop alternative online.


And the big bonus is here. GIMP, Its the one and only best Photoshop alternative ever could be. It’s an open-source program, Gives you almost all the adobe Photoshop features for free.

Gimp Photo Editor stands for GNU IMAGE MANIPULATION PROGRAM is my best favorite pick for Photoshop alternative. It comes with a huge bunch of professional tools and a lot of advanced features that give you the ultimate access to let your photos and images manipulated. Actually it has its own value that I really don’t want to call it a Photoshop alternative. It has its own brand value that it will not be a surprise if you switch to GIMP to Photoshop.


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Best Photoshop Alternatives Overview : If you're a photographer or a graphic designer, Photoshop is one of the best powerful photo editors that you can use over time. It can be quite expensive even with Adobe's most basic plan that will cost you around 120 dollars per year to use Photoshop.

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